How to protect the skin from friction

Chafing occurs when the skin rubs against another part of the body or in clothing, shoes or parts of equipment. It can occur in various sports activities, such as long-distance running, cycling or cardio training. The reasons that lead to this unpleasant feeling are various, including being overweight, uncomfortable or inappropriate clothes and shoes. Factors that increase the risk of chafing are intense sweating in warm and humid weather. The skin becomes red, inflamed and sore. The most vulnerable parts of the body are the armpits, inner thighs, neck, nipples and groin. Chafing can appear as a slight discomfort, but if ignored, it can intensify and even interfere with your performance. That is why prevention is extremely important. In endurance races, small details like this can even lead to failure.

One way to prevent skin chafing is to use appropriate cosmetics that form a protective film between the skin and clothing. Hydrating and smoothing the skin with creams and lotions reduces chafing. When already appeared, chafing can also be soothed with cosmetics.

Its formula with an active complex of bisabolol and ginger extract - SymRelief®, in combination with panthenol and dragon's blood extract, has been proven to protect the skin from friction and pimples during intense rubbing in various fabrics, clothes, shoes, skin on skin. The cream soothes the skin in case of abrasions or redness, moisturizes, provides long-term comfort and stimulates recovery.