• Products specially designed for sports
    Prevention, recovery, protection and hygiene in every stage of the work out. Sweat resistant formulation and ingredients.
  • Active formulae with proven results

    With an energy complex of minerals, a combination of plant extracts and hydrating ingredients.
  • Comfortable application

    Soft textures for an easy application and fast absorption. Fresh aromas. No stains on sports clothing
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  • Asya Dzhambazova
    Software engineer, mountain rescuer, rock climber and skier
    The Cooling Gel is my favourite in the product line. It cools instantly, it doesn't sting burn nor iritate the skin. I use it after intense days of skiing, especially in places with old injuries, which still hurt when exercising heavily.

    I love arnica and use it for all kinds of injuries and inflammations of joints, swelling, hematomas, bruises, fatigue and muscle overload. I like that the Recovery gel absorbs quickly, is not greasy and does not leave stains and the product smells good but not overwhelming.
  • Zhelyazko Mechkov
    Alpine guide and skier
    I work as an alpine guide and I often get muscle fatigue. After a series of climbs, returning home, I used Sport Ready Recovery gel. Although usually I don't apply cosmetic products in the morning, the Recovery Gel made my sore muscles feel relaxed and rested.
  • Christina Slavcheva – Pebbles
    professional dancer and choreographer
    As a professional dancer and a person on the go, I can safely say that the products are wonderful!

    The Warm Up gel helps me before every dance class, and the shower gel has a great scent and is super refreshing! I recommend them both!
  • Yordan Chobanov
    Egyptologist and instructor in rock climbing and mountaineering
    I am actively involved in rock climbing and mountaineering. In this sport, special shoes are used, which are closed and thightly fit on the foot.

    I wear them for long periods of time, especially in summer. It wasn't a pleasant experience until I tried Sport Ready's Deo Foot Spray! It does a great job at significantly reducing odours.

  • Marina Mihailova
    Marketing manager and rock climbing instructor
    The Warm Up Cream-Gel by Sport Ready is great before training. Now I also used it to relax my body when it's tight and tense after climbing in the cold and even after carrying a heavy backpack.

    The product helps me relax and it has a warming effect, which doesn't burn your skin unlike other heating products. It has a quick but gentle action, with no burning. I like that it absorbs immediately and it doesn't stain my clothing.

    It definitely helps and it smells amazing.
  • Velina Mavrodinova
    Graphic designer and amateur runner
    I use almost all Sport Ready products, I start with Warm Up Gel before running, from time to time when I am tired I use the Cooling Gel to calm the muscles, and in moments of injuries the Recovery gel. I am also very pleasantly surprised by the action of the Anti-Friction Gel. All products absorb very quickly, and this is super important to me when I do sports!
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