Охлаждащ гел Sport Ready, предназначен за активно спортуващи.

Cooling Gel
Cooling gel designed for active athletes. Effectively supports the cooling process after a workout, thanks to the special formula of cooling, energizing and restoring skin ingredients.

In a convenient package of 100 ml.

Provides long-lasting cooling effect on the skin after physical activity. Suitable for use in warm weather training.

Formula with energy multimineral complex of Magnesium, Zinc and Copper, which stimulates cell vitality and regular energy flow.

Ideal for preventing traces of fatigue in the body and skin. Supports cell metabolism and restores the vitality and freshness of the skin.

Easy to apply and use. Absorbed quickly without leaving stains on clothes. With a pleasant, fresh aroma.

Dermatologically tested product, manufactured according to the most modern European recommendations for quality of the ingredients. It does not contain mineral oils, silicones and preservatives.
Active ingredients
Why Sport Ready
How to use?
After sports, apply with light massage movements on clean and dry skin.

Suitable for everyday use.
Dermatologically tested.

In a convenient package of 100 ml.

Active ingredients in the formula
The cooling effect is due to the synergistic action of menthyl lactate and menthol. A lasting effect is achieved through the complex of Ruscus extract with caffeine.

Ruscus extract relieves the feeling of heaviness in the legs. Caffeine energizes, tones and at the same time fights premature skin aging.

Menthol has strong energizing properties, relieving fatigue, refreshing and invigorating.

The energy mineral complex of Magnesium, Zinc and Copper stimulates cell vitality and regular energy flow. Ideal for removing traces of fatigue in the body and skin. Supports cell regeneration and restores the vitality and freshness of the skin.

The added ingredients with restorative action support the effect of the mineral complex. Ginseng extract - stimulates relaxation and tones, arnica extract has a healing and calming effect, and dragon's blood extract has an antioxidant effect, fighting free radicals.

The added moisturizing ingredients panthenol and glycerin prevent dry skin, which is common in athletes due to the loss of a lot of fluids during intense exercise and sweating.

Cooling gel
After intense training, the muscles are very tired, so the practice is to get out of workout, known as "cooling". Cooling the body means continuing to exercise, but at a slower pace until your body goes from a state of strenuous exercise.

During heavy exercise, the body accumulates waste products, such as lactic acid in the muscles and joints, and after stretching, the muscles relax and receive more blood and oxygen, making it easier to dispose of this waste.

Cooling after sports also prevents cramps, calms the muscles, cools them down and makes it easier to normalize their work. Muscles cooling reduces the speed of transmission of information in the nerves and has an unloading effect on the athlete.
The most important about this product
Sport Ready cooling gel is created for the needs of athletes, with proven effectiveness:
Suitable for active sports people, that helps them to reduce stifness
Soothes tension in the body and helps toning after sports
Strong cooling sensation, reducing the feeling of heaviness in the legs
Hydrates and refreshes the skin
Easy and pleasant to use product, with good distribution and absorption
Pleasant aroma
The tests were performed in an independent European laboratory