Загряващ крем-гел Sport Ready, предназначен за активно спортуващи.

Warm Up Cream-Gel
This body warming cream-gel is designed for athletes and active people.

The cream-gel is meant to be used in addition to the physical warm-up. It is recommended for better preparation before training. It is suitable to use when playing sports or training at a low outside temperature.

This special formula is with a moderate heating effect and an energy mineral complex of copper, zinc and magnesium. With added plant extracts which enhance the action of the mineral complex. The cream-gel is further enriched with emollients and moisturizers - panthenol and glycerol.

This product is pleasant to use and has a fresh aroma. It is easy to apply and absorbs quickly without leaving stains on clothing.

Dermatologically tested. In a convenient package of 100 ml, which is suitable to use at home and in the place of training.

Active Ingredients
Why Sport Ready
How to use?
About 10 minutes before the warm-up, apply a sufficient amount of cream-gel on the parts of the body which will be trained. Apply and massage the area you want to warm until completely absorbed. In combination with warm-up exercises, it helps to prepare the muscles more effectively. Suitable for daily use and in cold weather.

Caution: Do not use as a pre-workout replacement. Avoid face or injured skin, as well as contact with eyes and mucous membranes. Keep out of reach of children.
Active ingredients in the formula
Energy mineral complex: magnesium, zinc and copper

Stimulates cell vitality and regular energy flow. Ideal for preventing traces of fatigue in the body and skin. Supports cell metabolism and restores the vitality and freshness of the skin.

Heating ingredient: VANILLYL BUTYL ETHER

A mild warming agent that gives a feeling of warmth and promotes blood circulation. Provides a moderate warming effect, thus helping the body prepare faster for physical activity, reduces the load on working muscles and increases endurance.

Dragon's blood extract, obtained from the resin of the Croton lechleri tree. Stimulates collagen production and has a strong antioxidant effect.
Warming up
Warming up is a key element of any exercise program. Excessive exercise can lead to fatigue, tension and pain. By warming up before intense sports, we prepare different parts of our body to meet the full potential of different physical challenges. Warming agents are suitable for use in sports in adverse conditions and low temperatures, as they support blood circulation and faster activation.

The most important about this product
Sport Ready warm up cream-gel was created for the needs of athletes, with a proven effectiveness:
Suitable for a warming sports massage before training for active athletes
Prepares the muscles and helps achieve better results
The product is suitable when training in cold weather outside
Pleasant to use
Absorbed by the skin quickly without leaving greasy stains
With a pleasant aroma
Results from a consumer test in an independent European laboratory